FAQ / International FAQ

Damini Jewellery Care Instructions
  • Protect all Damini jewels from high temperature changes and hard blows.
  • Do not wear the jewellery during swimming, spa or beauty treatments.
  • Always store jewellery in the boxes provided for it.
  • Do not bend or carelessly throw jewel in bags.
  • Do not attempt to clean jewel with abrasives or bleaches.
  • Do not pull or tug at the barcode tag just use a good pair of scissors .
  • Do not store Damini jewellery along with cheap fashion jewels that may contains iron and nickle.
  • Do not store jewellery in air tight plastic bags.
  • Always sit and wear your Damini Jewellery.
  • Air out the jewellery after a long days wear before storing the same.
How do I become a Daminiartisans.com member?

Becoming a Daminiartisans.com user is easy! We will ask you to supply your real name, mailing address, a valid email address and password. Once you have agreed to the terms of our user agreement, click 'Sign Up' and you are a signed up! It is that simple! Click the link below to go to the registration screen to get started.
Register with Damini
At Daminiartisans.com, like all internet sites, the member is fully responsible for choosing and maintaining control over their own password. Here are several suggestions that can assist you in controlling your password:

Password Tips

  • Never use a password that you use anywhere else.
  • Choose a password that is a combination of letters and numbers
  • Never allow anyone else to know your password.

We will not sell or lease your personal information to anyone.
Privacy is very important to us. As part of the normal operation of our services we collect and, in some cases, disclose information about you. Our Privacy Policy describes the information we collect about you and what may happen to that information. Please click here to read our Privacy Policy.

What is my Favourites?  Favourite

Your Favourites is a feature that allows you to keep track of items that you wish to purchase at some point in the future. When you place an item on your Favourites,

How do I add an item to my Favourites?


If the item you wish to purchase is not available, add it to your Favourites by clicking the 'Add To Favourites' link at the top of the item's product information page or when it displays on mouse over.
You can also use your Wish List to keep track of items that you are interested in, but are not ready to purchase immediately. Simply click the Add to Favourites' link at the top of the item's product information page.

How do I buy an available item from my Favourites List?


You can click on the product thumbnail provided in your Favourites. This will take you to that item's product information page. Click ‘Add to Shopping Bag’.

What is the Shipping Cost involved?


We offer Free Shipping worldwide. India Post is our International Shipping Partner while DTDC is our Domestic Shipping Partner. Please note Domestic shipping will take between 3 days to a week depending on location.
International shipping will always take 3 weeks from purchase date. Our Shipping partners have an impeccable track record, however, shipping timelines will be as per our partner's, we cannot be held responsible for delays in their schedule.

What are my Payment options?


You can make your payment through any of following modes -
International Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)
International Debit Cards (Visa/MasterCard)
Net Banking

Wholesale Shopping - When and Why
Ideally, wholesale shopping is meant for those starting a business. Hence, irrespective of the size of the business, we would encourage prospective businessmen/women to shop with us. Be it a retail store or a small home based business, you can buy huge or smaller stocklots of as per your requirement.
Since we offer extremely competitive prices to wholesale buyers, we are compelled to ensure that the buyer fills in basic terms and conditions which would help us determine the authenticity of every prospective Wholesale Buyer. Once the basic terms and conditions are fulfilled, you would become a verified and approved Wholesale Buyer.

  • To begin with, you would be required to register online as a regular buyer
  • As a wholesale buyer you would need to purchase a minimum of 10 numbers of each item and a minimum billing of Rs.200000 and above to avail wholesale discount.
  • If the order is below this minimum threshold value, we will be unable to accept your order.
  • Based on your purchase history we may offer you special and exclusive offers periodically. So, to make the best of such offers, kindly follow the steps mentioned above and become an approved Wholesale Buyer.
  • All jewellery comes with packaging material. Courier cost and insurance will be borne by Damini.
  • All products are GS1 India barcoded that ensures fair price and same price all across india.
  • Service for jewellery – will be provided free of cost- courier charge to be borne by buyer.
What do the Returns, Refund & Cancellation Policy ensure?


Damini Artisans reserves the right to refuse/cancel a registration in the Damini Website. If Damini refuses to accept an order, Buyer will be offered a full refund.

Order Cancellation by buyer: If order cancelled by buyer payment will be refunded after deducting courier and bank charges.

Damini Refund/Cancellation Policy: Damini Artisans reserves the right to cancel an order due to non availability of products ordered or other circumstances which would make the order non-viable.

If Damini cancels an event, buyers will be offered a full refund.

Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an order, registrants will have the option to either receive a full refund or transfer order of the same product at the new available/ future date.
Wholesale supplied goods can be returned under our whole return policy. Returns are applicable ONLY to goods damaged in transit and if proof of the same is provided. In such cases, the claim for refund should be made directly to us, within 4 days of receipt of the damaged goods.

We cover insurance for all the wholesale orders shipped. All claims for refunds on grounds of damaged goods received should be accompanied with pictures and proof of damaged goods with a inspection certificate from a authorized insurance surveyor.

Gift Certificates - Terms and Conditions
Gift certificates can be used to purchase any items available on Daminiartisans.com. Gift certificates are in Indian Rupees.

Gift certificates cannot be used or redeemed anywhere except on the Site. Gift certificates cannot be used or redeemed on any other site owned or operated by Damini or its affiliates, or with any third party accessible from the Site.

Gift certificates cannot be used or redeemed without the authorized claim code, cannot be redeemed for cash, cannot be replaced if they are lost or stolen, cannot be used or redeemed towards previous purchases, cannot be used or redeemed to purchase other gift certificates, cannot be resold, and are not refundable.

Any purchase less than the value of a gift certificate causes the unused balance to be placed in the account of the gift certificate recipient for use in a future transaction within the time period specified i.e. within 6 months from Date of Issue.

Any purchase exceeding the value of a gift certificate requires the use of a valid credit card to complete the transaction.

Gift certificates that have not been used or redeemed for 6 months after their date of purchase will become invalid.